McLeod Technique is the perfect complement to any Dance, Athletic, or Movement Study.

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McLeod Technique Modern

Sean McLeod demostrates McLeod Technique MT at the New York Dance Festival - Website - Wordpress

Reinforced Motor Function

Sean McLeod - Elizabeth - McLeod Technique - Reinforced Motor Function - Arabesque - Karen Anderson

MT Afro Hip Hop and MT Groove

Sean - La' Neise - and everyone Throw it Back in a MT Afro Hip Hop Master Class at SUNY Potsdam - Website - MT Afro Hip Hop - homepage - wordpress

McLeod Technique Certification

Sean McLeod - McLeod Technique - Red Creek Teacher Training - web

McLeod Technique Coaching Sessions

Sean McLeod - McLeod Technique - Reinforced Motor Function - MT Coaching Sessions

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McLeod Technique is for

All ages, All Abilities, All Movers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age for participation?

There is no age cut off!  If the dancer can follow direction and not be a distraction, they are old enough to be in the room.  Sean and the MT Certified Personalities work with students as young as 4 and as old as 88 in the same room, in the same class.  It’s amazing.  This event that is open to anyone, including athletes, dancers, gymnasts, cheerleaders and more, and they will love this workshop! 

Is there an ability requirement?

The New York Institute of Dance & Education Team are experts at split-level teaching, an approach that allows everyone in the room regardless of age, gender, or ability level, to learn quickly without feeling dumb or like they’re wasting time.  The workshop’s benefits are for parents and teachers too; everyone will walk away feeling they learned important new information, and that they loved learning it!  It’s actually how dance was originally taught.  In specially requested instances or in times where the numbers are too great, classes can be divided but is not necessary.  

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What clothing do I need to wear?

All black dance clothing. Women – black leotard and tights or leggings; Men – Black pants or leggings and a black tight shirt or leotard. Please make sure that hair is pulled back out of your face and you have good hygiene. No jewlery.

Do I need any specific shoes or equipment?

It is good practice to have all dance shoes you have on hand. Please also invest in thick socks for Reinforced Motor Function work which will be found throughout many classes. Our suggested MT Socks can be found at this link: MT Socks

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