It has been a pleasure to have learned this technique that was new to me and unfamiliar . First of all, I’d like to say that this technique is so beneficial to any dancers of any ages because the techniques help you tremendously in understanding your body and the exercises are made to help you move the right way and the correct way this so important to a dancer to prevent or avoid injuries. How do you move from place to another? and how much sense it makes ? Secondly, I was so impressed how quick my body gets warmed up in only one combination. For example , I was more warm and ready to move than after a one and half hour ballet class incredible . Thirdly , I will recommend McLeod Technique to any dancers that are doing Ballet , Modern/Contemporary, Jazz , Hip Hop , African dance or any other forms of dance because this technique is a very unique way on how to move in a way that is healthy on the body and with the proper alignments. I was a professional dancer for 21 years and even in my forties now I have learned something new . We never stop learning in dance. – Florian Rouiller, BFA John Cranko School in Stuttgart Germany, MFA University of Maryland