Ben Vereen Influenced: Sean McLeod as Leading Player in Pippin Simple Joys

Mastering Musical Theater Choreography - Middle School

American Choreographer Sean McLeod - Documentary Excerpt

Next Step Musical Theater Workshop

The Next Step Musical Theater Workshops brings an awesome brand of Motivation, Character Education, and Life Practice Drills through Musical Theater Workshops. Working in concert with Drama, Dance, and Music Directors, Award Winning Producer and Motivation Expert Sean McLeod impact performers of all ages through lessons in Musical Theater Dance, Acting Evaluation, and Vocal Performance. Experienced by countless thousands over the past 30 years, these are no regular workshops! The team gives a remarkable experience, structured to accommodate any skill level. They teach participants to fail with smiles on their faces, but does not allowed them to let that fear turn into, doubt, or self loathing. They delicately balance the master classes between teaching the art and discussing the elements of human nature, emotion, and good decision making.

Am I A Triple Threat?

This Workshop includes 3 specially designed-Interactive Master Classes to help interested performers honestly reflect and evaluate their year of performance opportunities and the personal growth they gained! “Where do I really stand with my talent? How good am I? What do I do next!”As a group of performers you will come to this workshop prepared to audition for college or a Broadway show! You will prepare (without fail) one song from 1 of 5 preselected Musicals only. You will also prepare a 1 Minute monologue and come ready to dance regardless of your previous dance ability or study. If you like theater, this event is not to be missed! (Preparation is required)

Sean McLeod’s Broadway: Artist in Residency

Sean McLeod’s Broadway: A Project for Community, is a personality and diversity based Musical Theater growth project! Using the Musical Theater and Dance Mastery approach created by McLeod, the team developed an amazing learning process that teaches invaluable life lessons, Personality Development, Emotional Development and group interaction skills to students and adults through Musical Theater, Dance, and Family Development! This process affects everyone within earshot- teen or adult- and has an infectious ability to change an entire company’s interaction culture. “A Project for Community” can include musical theater workshops, singing & dancing, staging, rehearsal direction, performance coaching, or a full Musical Theater production. Choreographer Sean McLeod the professional NYC Company the Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre.