What is McLeod Technique?

McLeod Technique (MT) is an emotion-based technique that teaches dancers by engaging their emotions to facilitate honest movement and good mental health. 




McLeod Technique

Sean McLeod demostrates McLeod Technique MT at the New York Dance Festival - Website - Wordpress

Reinforced Motor

Sean McLeod - Elizabeth - McLeod Technique - Reinforced Motor Function - Arabesque - Karen Anderson

MT Afro Hip Hop &
MT Groove

Sean - La' Neise - and everyone Throw it Back in a MT Afro Hip Hop Master Class at SUNY Potsdam - Website - MT Afro Hip Hop - homepage - wordpress

Musical Theater &

Lorienne Beals - Musical Theater - Black - Square

The Philosophy

Originally conceived as a technique for women to survive the destructive nature of many dance classes, McLeod Technique® has matured into a movement of self-assurance, forgiveness, and fulfillment. As most dancers do, Sean McLeod had come to hate his every imperfection early in his career, because of the unforgiving, yet beautiful, experience of dance. However, he recognized that it was always worse for the girls! Sean focused MT® to help dancers, especially women, learn and acknowledge their value, and then lock that understanding into their bodies and souls through movement.

McLeod Technique Master Teachers

International Producer and scientific movement developer Sean McLeod, along with acclaimed McLeod Technique experts, deliver dynamic Master Classes in this ability changing application of dance. These Master Teachers have an ability to genuinely inspire nearly everyone they encounter. However, if you add their limitless focus to studying classic and contemporary genres of Ballet, Modern dance, Jazz, MT Afro-Hip Hop, Musical Theater, Acting and even Voice; you encounter master teachers who change lives with a single experience.


McLeod Technique Master Teachers help participants to explore the physical and emotional vocabularies used to inspire personal growth with almost therapeutic results. McLeod Technique challenges dancers to explore the possibilities of healthy movement by facing failure without self loathing.