What is MT Afro Hip Hop?

MT Afro Hip Hop is a dynamic style of Hip Hop dance developed by American Choreographer and music maker Sean McLeod. MT Afro Hip Hop combines the soul of traditional African dance, with the groove and freedom of Urban Social Dance. This exhilarating class includes traditional Jazz and Street Dance styles, and creates a strong sense of rhythm and timing.

What is the impact?

MT Afro Hip Hop speaks to all demographics through movement allowing them to embrace learning valuable life skills during this interactive class or workshop. Clients learn to accept failure as a mechanism for learning versus being embarrassed for frightened by missteps. All classes or workshops end with a McLeod Technique Talk Around where each individual speaks about what they learned that has nothing to do with dance – tying the skill-sets from the class into their day-to-day life.

MT Groove is an incredible soul stirring Cardio, Body Shaping and Stress relieving dance workout that will blow your mind because it is so fun and exciting!


Created from the foundational “Groove” of a MT Afro Hip Hop class, MT Groove combines  infectious club music, and “Life Changing Inspiration” with the rush and freedom of every day Urban Social Dance. MT Groove creates and uses a strong sense of rhythm and timing to shape the body and wake up the soul! With easy to understand walking patterns this arm shaping, abdominal working, booty shaking class will help you enjoy getting healthy!

All ages and abilities encouraged. Absolutely no experience needed.