Get certified in McLeod Technique Reinforced Motor Function with the New York Institute of Dance & Education.  


MT Reinforced Motor Function (RMF) adds science to the tradition of classical ballet, modern, and urban dance!  It allows dancers to achieve classical or extreme positions in the healthiest manner. The Online Certification Courses are laid out in Zoom sessions where you will learn how to teach:

  • Standing foot strength and placement
  • Straightness of the working and supporting knees
  • Proper placement and understanding of “turn out” of the hip joints
  • Strong support of the abdominal muscles
  • Proper release and curvature of the lower and middle back
  • Correct alignment of supported body structure (to not falter off proper position alignment axis; forward, back or to the sides)
  • Proper placement and perfect alignment of the shoulders
  • Proper energy and placement of the chest
  • Proper support and alignment of the neck and head

What is McLeod Technique Reinforced Motor Function?

MT Reinforced Motor Function, is an emotions-based technique designed to allow dancers at any age to achieve maximum flexibility, strength and alignment. The anatomy-centered, scientific application guides clients through exercises using aligned resistance to reinforce movement into correct healthy postures and develop safe movement habits to improve technique & alignment, arrest injury, and reshape the body. MT RMF® is the perfect complement to classical ballet, dance and all movement studies. In sports and physical therapy, MT RMF® increases the client’s awareness of physiology and teaches joint-healthy alignment.

After your McLeod Technique Certification Course stay connected and continue your MT RMF Journey by joining the MTN! Just $50/month gets you:


  • MT Videos – Get special access to videos that show different combinations or detailed explanation of MT exercises
  • MT Motivation – Continued inspiration through McLeod Technique Quotes, Philosophies, and History sent to you!
  • Direct support from Certified Personalities – Have a question? We’re here to answer!
  • Registration for 2 MT Masters Online Master Classes per month – Join the McLeod Technique Masters twice a month for an online Master Class. Get a chance to deep dive on the technique with the folks that lead the technique!