McLeod Technique Sessions!


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Performance Direction and Audition Consultation
The Gold Card service for dancers & singers! Provides:

  • Fundamental techniques for audition and live performance environments
  • Refines the elements of successful vocal performance and song movement
  • Prep for college auditions, competitions, and professional or amateur shows.

Mcleod Experience Basic
McLeod Technique Basic Sessions are used to:

  • Help beginners have a clear understanding of basic technique
  • Help advanced dancers review and refine technique
  • Focus on proper position and alignment 
  • Health & Wellness for the everyday person
  • Limited to Reinforced Motor Function barre work

MT Movement Integration
MT Movement Integration Sessions include:

  • Reinforced Motor Function center work
  • Short dance combinations
  • Stretching and core strength training
  • Proper porte de bras and head placement


Dress Code:

For all movement sessions please wear all black clothing (dancers please wear leotard and leggings or tights) with your hair pulled back out of your face.  Bring thick socks, preferably gray or black.   If you have hip hop sneakers or jazz shoes please bring those, if not regular sneakers should be brought as well.

Also, it would be helpful to have a water bottle, a small notebook, and an infectiously positive attitude!


McLeod Technique Sessions

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