Modern Dance Teaching that comes to you!

Getting certified in Modern Dance with the New York Institute of Dance & Education allows you to understand the origins of the 5 major modern dance techniques while learning McLeod Technique Modern’s broad vocabulary of movement.  A total complement to any movement or dance study, MT Modern pays homage to all the major modern techniques and explains their importance and relevance in dance today.  MT Modern helps to create an incredibly versatile dancer and helps dance studios be more adept in todays modern contributions.  Remote and online learning support available!

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How do you get Certified?

You have 3 different options!

1) 4 Hour Certification - $400/person

Our most common process is a 4 hour integrated teacher training which goes hand in hand with an American Master Class Tour or Global Dance Initiative Workshop that is set up at your studio. For the first three hours clinical participants will receive time to audit Reinforced Motor Function (RMF) application and be introduced to foundational technique as it is applied live during the Workshop being hosted at the studio/location. The final hour, clinical participants will have an in-depth learning clinical where detail, principles, process, and hands-on application will be further explored and understood.

2) 2 Day Certification - $800/person

This is a invigorating 2 day, 4 Hour per day training with the Reinforced Motor Function® Developer Sean McLeod or one of his certifying faculty. You will be positively motivated and perfectly conducted into absorbing all the information your required to know. You will learn an outline of basic exercises that will teach you first Level Reinforced Motor Function®. You will have hands on application study and will become familiar and proficient in position manipulation and alignment construction.

3) Online/Remote Certification - $ Ask for details

Learn RMF from the comfort of your home or studio location.  Through Facetime/Skype sessions you will be positively motivated and taught the basics of Level 1 Reinforced Motor Function. You will see an outline of a live class, learn the 4 MT Rules of Interaction, and witness the McLeod Technique Principles applied. You will be require to submit videos to the Executive Team demonstrating you teaching the technique, explaining the principles, and applying hands on application. You will have to schedule at least one session where you can work in person with Sean McLeod or a Certified Personality. You must have previous experience with McLeod Technique and Reinforced Motor Function with Sean McLeod or the Certified Personalities to be considered for Online/Remote Certification.

4) New York Dance Festival - Teacher Training

Our Teacher Training course is heaven-sent. The design is constructed to allow teachers to shed their fear of ridicule, in exchange for the opportunity to ask those simple questions that they’ve always wanted to ask. Teacher Training participants work in the studio side-by-side with our international faculty, getting an intimate and hands-on opportunity to learn the details of physical correction, material design, and instruction delivery. Participants get to re-adjust a person, moments after the master teacher, allowing for the highest amount of retention and understanding. Likewise, participants will get to sit in on selected meetings, faculty planning, and press opportunities, getting direct business application. 2 weeks of true real-time application!

 The Results?

At the conclusion of your training, you'll be award your RMF® First Level Authorized Practitioner Certificate. Authorized Practitioners are allowed to teach and earn revenue immediately. Teaching Reinforced Motor Function® is the central tool in your development as a RMF® expert, and is at the core of your preparing for your RMF® First Level Certification.

Modern Dance Certification: Why Get Certified?

If you asked ten of the "worst" dance teachers in the USA to write down a list of the first ten exercises they would teach in a ballet class. Nearly all of them would write; Demi Plie', Grande Plie', Tondu, etc. They might be in slightly different orders at times, but more over, everyone would have the same outline. On the other hand. If you asked 10 of the top Modern Dance teachers to write down a list of the first 10 exercise in a Modern Class, more over, they would all be different. Nearly every dance school in the country has Modern Dance on their curriculum. Most studio directors struggle to find consistent modern class information that has a basic foundation they can teach, or make sure is easily repeated for the students no matter who is teaching the class. Even graduates of famed BFA dance colleges are trained in performance, not teaching. Every teacher or Studio owner wants the very best for their Modern Program. Now, you have a new tool to that end! McLeod Technique Modern Certification!

How do you get Certified?

McLeod Technique Modern Certification puts an easy to understand and simple to teach outline of Syllabus exercises in your hands! Certification is a two step process. The first step is a 2 day, 8 Hour per day training with the Technique Developer Sean McLeod or one of his certifying faculty. You will learn an outline of 15 basic exercises that will give you the identifiable foundations of Modern Dance. Second step; at the conclusion of this two day training, you'll be award a Level One Authorized Instructors Certificate for McLeod Technique Modern. The Authorized Instructor status will allow you to practice while developing a deeper understanding and application of how to teach Modern Dance. MT Authorization allows you to teach and earn revenue immediately. Teaching immediately is a crucial element in your development and a central part of your preparing for final Level One Certification.