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What is the American Master Class Tour?

The American Master Class Tour brings an amazingly unique blend of life changing inspiration and a useful professional level dance to every school it passes through. The American Master Class Tour offers “Mobile Dance Education” and training support to dance studio owners and the students they serve. AMCT is one of the easiest ways for dance teachers to continue training without going broke. Every teachers wants to learn more and pass that on to their students. AMCT brings world class dance teachers to you and your dance school.


Through studying Sean McLeod's approach to dance, what you are learning foremost are the traditional values of self reliance, family pride, and how to do your best without possibly even being the best. Learning the McLeod Technique Principles is something that every parent would applaud and every professional dancer would find peace and a since of self worth. With Sean McLeod's process, good dance is not his goal, it is his vehicle. Sean use's dance to undo the self loathing most Americans' experience on there way to learning any discipline. And if you're a dancer under 18, these principals are shared directly with your parent so they can understand how best they can help you navigate your possible dance career.

Sean McLeods vision for this tour brings unattainable hopes into reach by teaching students to access a deep faith in themselves. His instant ability to connect with a room of people translates into therapy for the soul. He then locks that faith into movement that reminds everyone of ageless joy! This is the real gift of this tour.


These programs bring real resources to your students without leaving the comfort of your own school. You pay per class, per person, and save on travel, food, hotel fees, and their very valuable time! Parents just love this!

The New York Institute of Dance & Education’s American Master Class Tour works with dance schools and universities around the globe bringing some of the world’s most dynamic master teachers to your school and you get a part of the profit. Our Master Class Tour can also be booked as a Super Fundraiser for your dance school. At $105/per person, The Super Fundraiser Workshop is 3 hours of dance training, combinations, and inspiration that also give the school a profit share. Here are the numbers broken down:

3 hour workshop at $105/per person x 40 students = $4200:
$3000 profit to NYIDE
$1200 raised for you or your school!

Now is the time! Fill out the AMCT Booking and Registration Page to secure your workshop date and bring some of the world's most dynamic teachers right to you!
Email for more information.

What is the Global Dance Initiative?

The New York Institute of Dance & Education is constantly building bridges to other parts of the world. Only through a form as unique as the arts, can communication flourish and the possibility of a global community thrive. Together we can create a global community, by teaching people "to accept the possibility of yes!"


The Sean McLeod Dance Experience Global Dance Initiative uses dance to empower and inspire children and women in communities around the world. Each year we visit countries like Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, and South Africa. The Global Dance Initiative teaches and challenges families and local community leaders to accept and embrace the value girls and women have as important contributors to the world.

Now is the time! Fill out the GDI Booking and Commencement Agreement to secure your workshop date and bring some of the world's most dynamic teachers right to you!

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