The American Master Class Tour

Devon and Kierstyn
Studio/Business Owners, please fill out the AMCT Booking & Commencement Agreement Form, submit, and then pay your $200 deposit to secure the date for your workshop. The $200 deposit will be made back from the first few students that register for the workshop. The deposit is made to secure your booking date with our National Office, and is non-refundable if the workshop does not take place.

Booking an American Master Class Tour Workshop:

These workshops bring an International Personality from New York to share and exchange with you. What could be normally considered expensive for a dance school, through our approach and a minimum of 20 participants can make this possible!

How can we afford it?
Our process is that the schools require their entire client base to participate in the workshop event. (The school would have discretion for special situations and allowances as they would arise.) By making the event mandatory it assures the school be able to make the critical number to embrace this opportunity. Additionally, parents and family members that are athletes, gymnasts, or martial artists are also invited to join us!

What is the age for participation?
There is no age cut off! If the dancer can follow direction and not be a distraction, they are old enough to be in the room. Sean and the MT Certified Personalities work with students as young as 4 and as old as 88 in the same room, in the same class. It's amazing. This event that is open to anyone, including athletes, dancers, gymnasts, cheerleaders and more, and they will love this workshop!

How do you address dance ability levels?
The New York Institute of Dance & Education Team are experts at split-level teaching, an approach that allows everyone in the room regardless of age, gender, or ability level, to learn quickly without feeling dumb or like they're wasting time. The workshop's benefits are for parents and teachers too; everyone will walk away feeling they learned important new information, and that they loved learning it! It's actually how dance was originally taught. In specially requested instances or in times where the numbers are too great, classes can be divided but is not necessary.

Dress Code:

Please have participants wear all black dance clothing and have their hair pulled back out of the face.  Bring thick socks, preferably gray or black.   Also, it would be helpful to have a small notebook, a hand towel, a water bottle, and an infectiously positive attitude!


Secure your AMCT Date with your deposit below.

Please make sure you have spoken to the main office about a date that will work on our national calendar and have submitted the AMCT Booking & Commencement Agreement Form.

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