Groove and Twist your body to a healthy state!

MT Apparatus is a user-friendly exercise and body alignment workout system that uses engaged motor function for amazingly fast full body results. Great for the beginner or advanced enthusiast, MT Apparatus is incredibly easy to do, with over 150 exercises, and gives a heck of a workout from the core out. Using simple progressions to inspiring music, MT Apparatus will have you grooving and twisting your body to a healthy state. Created with the home doorway chin-up bar (sometimes identified as an “Iron Gym”) movement expert Sean McLeod has taken an existing exercise tool to new heights.

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MT Apparatus Application

MT Apparatus has an assortment of applications in a variety of movement systems from not only sports and athletics, but to dance techniques such as classical ballet and modern as well.

MT Apparatus for Ballet Application

The MT Apparatus Application for Ballet is simply wondrous for the novice, advanced, and professional ballet dancer. Equally exciting, it is also good for a former professional dancer to keep the highest level of body range and access with the least amount of negative impact and joint pressure when trying to maintain an experts form. The MT Apparatus Application for the Ballet dancer works from a foundational approach of enhanced elongation, a mild isotonic interaction with the device, and an isometric muscular relationship that allows the body to gain and maintain impressive levels of strength while also increasing ones flexibility in the body, especially in the back (primarily the Thoracic and Cervical regions), in the chest, shoulders, full abdominal wall, and a wide range of effect in the oblique regions.

MT Apparatus for Modern

MT Application for Modern Dance allows a modern practitioner to finally feel the intention of the contraction or upper back arch, the side laterals, and spiral in it's purest form. It allows for the modern dancer to understand intrinsically and instantly how one side of the body needs to reinforce and relate to the other side of the body as it moves in demi plié through fourth position, front and back, or first position to second
position, i.e. side to side. Also, the dancer will gain a greater understanding of how to better access both demi plié and grande plié positions, as well as healthily engaging the muscles to enter and exit these positions in a variety of manners.

MT Apparatus for the Athlete

MT Apparatus for Athletes is sheerly one of the most
invigorating and innovative whole Athlete development systems
any sport participant will experience. This simply designed high yield approach to athletic movement integration helps participants strengthen, impressively increase their flexibility, and expertly enhance the physical construction and understanding to move on a masterful level. Simply going to the gym and lifting is a stationary movement and static body memory, which doesn’t allow your body to learn how to use the strength and range in everyday movement. MT Apparatus not only works on the key strength attributes you seek, but it keeps the body engaged and the mind alert and aware to the possibilities of movement the body is able to access with each exercise!

Bring the Groove of MT Apparatus to you today!

Bring the Groove to You!:
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