Emotional Development, Body Alignment, Motivation

McLeod Technique (MT) is an emotional based, codified technique that teaches contemporary dance to classical ballet and urban dancers. McLeod Technique Modern ® teaches emotional development and blends classical ballet, the modern dance foundations of Limón, Graham, and Horton, martial arts, African dance, Latin influences and urban social dance.  MT® Modern includes a formal port-de-bras series, floorwork systems, Spanish sets, wallwork systems, a Pilates Reformer application, and a life-changing philosophy that combats depression and promotes good mental health.

The Philosophy

Originally conceived as a technique for women to survive the destructive nature of many dance classes, McLeod Technique® has matured into a movement of self-assurance, forgiveness, and fulfillment. As most dancers do, Sean McLeod had come to hate his every imperfection early in his career, because of the unforgiving, yet beautiful, experience of dance. However, he recognized that it was always worse for the girls! Sean focused MT® to help dancers, especially women, learn and acknowledge their value, and then lock that understanding into their bodies and souls through movement.

McLeod Technique in Action

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McLeod Technique Wall Work

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