Bodhi Barre, led by Colette Meltzer, will be hosting International Performer and Certified Movement Expert Kierstyn Zaykoski on February 10th, 2018! Kierstyn will be leading a Reinforced Motor Function workshop from 11:00am-12:00pm. All ages and abilities are welcome, for all movers!


3530 Erie Blvd East
Dewitt, NY 13214

What is Reinforced Motor Function?

RMF is a simple-to-understand alignment, strength, and flexibility system developed by President of the New York Institute of Dance & Education, Sean McLeod. This system, based in an anatomy-centered methodology, guides the client through a series of exercises with a facilitator who physically manipulates the body and applies resistance to reinforce the clients movement through correct, healthy postures.

How Can I Benefit?

RMF is designed to allow any body at any age to achieve maximum flexibility, strength, and athleticism.

General Health Enthusiasts
Health and Wellness Professionals
Professional Dancers


Dress Code
Please wear all black clothing you can move and stretch in easily. Wear thick black or grey socks. Have your hair pulled back out of your face and bring water and an infectious attitude!


Who is Kierstyn Zaykoski?

Kierstyn Zaykoski is Product Director for the New York Institute of Dance & Education, the New York Dance Festival, Reaching for Higher Ground Consulting, and part of the Executive Implementation team for the Global Dance Initiative. Kierstyn is Executive Team and Principal Company Member of the Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre/Sean McLeod Dance Experience. She works as a Certified Personality for the American Master Class Tour and is on the Vice Chair for IGNITE - Young Professionals. She is well versed in graphic and video design, as well as marketing and advertising and leads the NYIDE Media Production division for NYIDE's Global and National footprint. Kierstyn is a McLeod Technique and Reinforced Motor Function ® Certified Teacher and collegially a graduate of State University of New York at Potsdam.

Kierstyn has also performed on many stages including the American Collegiate Dance Festival in Georgia and New Hampshire, and tours with the Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre and Sean McLeod Dance Experience to Barbados, Italy, Greece, Prague, Toronto and more. Kierstyn has focused much of her career and life to performance, learning, and education and is committed to sharing with others while on that journey.

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