Inside the Dancer’s Studio: Mastering Musical Theater

McLeod Technique Motivation through Musical Theater:
International Producer, American Choreographer, Director and motivational expert Sean McLeod works with High School students at Skaneateles Central School. High School Music and Drama Director Micky Kringer invited Sean to assist with their musical production of The Mystery of Edwin Drood. Mr. Kringer knew that the McLeod, a international personality with a reputation for weaving Emotional Development and Personality Development into his work, could be perfect for this huge undertaking of non dancers. The entire experience focused personal growth and learning to communicate with adults and students effectively and positively. It was a master class and well as proof that any school population can not only get a long, but thrive regardless of their backgrounds or socioeconomic groupings. This work was way more than just Musical Theater choreographer and direction, but rather on Emotional and Personality Development of the students, parents, teachers, and administration that were able to work with McLeod's repeatable process. The results where and remain outstanding.