Inside the Dancers’ Studio – American Master Class Tour – Teresa Clement Dance Studio

International Producer, American Choreographer, and President of the New York Institute of Dance & Education Sean McLeod, and NYIDE Product Director and McLeod Technique Certified Personality Kierstyn Zaykoski bring the American Master Class Tour to Teresa Clement Dance Studio in Clayton, NY. Sean and the NYIDE Certified Personalities bring NYC dance and master teaching into studios and schools all over the state, nation, and globe making it tangible and reachable to everyone.

Here, we see Sean and Kierstyn reinforcing students and helping them create healthy and sustainable positions. Through the Emotional and Personality development that is at the base of McLeod Technique the dancers gain confidence not only from this physical reinforcement but also from themselves. They become confident and happy people one movement at a time. Learning, that step by step, no matter how much work may be involved, there should be joy. At the end, Sean explains that "it is your job to make certain you take care of each other." Thus, continuing to weave the thread that dance should not be about beating the other person down, but rather bringing them up with you.